• Top 5 Summer Kayaking Clothing and Accessory Essentials from Amazon
    For those of you that know a little something about me, I love to kayak. When I was younger I went to summer camp in North Carolina and learned the basics of canoeing and kayaking. This year, my fiancée and I purchased our first set of fishing kayaks … Read more
  • Low Country Lowdown – Kayaking The New River
    One of the best things about living near the water is…the water! A hidden gem of the Low Country is the New River – a small waterway that eventually opens to the Atlantic. While you may see a few boats and other kayakers on the weekend, weekdays tend … Read more

Ainsley Fagan

The Carolina Cajun

Hello! My name is Ainsley. Born and raised in southern Louisiana, I am exploring my “second coast” and embracing the coastal lifestyle. Thanks for following me on this amazing journey!

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