Low Country Lowdown – Kayaking The New River

One of the best things about living near the water is…the water! A hidden gem of the Low Country is the New River – a small waterway that eventually opens to the Atlantic. While you may see a few boats and other kayakers on the weekend, weekdays tend to be quiet – which is great for bird watchers and fishermen alike.

New River near Bluffton, SC

The river is subject to extreme high and low tides and the river itself isn’t particularly deep. If you put in at the wrong time, you could find yourself getting stuck – especially if you don’t have access to a good boat ramp.

The public access point for New River is through its small boat ramp which is located HERE.

Once you get further up the River, the current calms which makes kayak fishing a breeze.

Before we picked our kayaks, we did a lot of research on what would fit our needs, our budget, and most importantly – our storage space. Our kayaks worked perfectly with the relatively calm, though somewhat strong current.

On this trip, we didn’t catch anything, which was a bit of a bummer but the view was so beautiful, the after-work venture was worth it.

Generally, some species you can find in the new river are:

If you are fishing in the New River, you should always have your tackle box nearby – there is a high chance you may get caught on a waterlogged tree, weeds, or if you have bad aim – the trees on the bank.

As you head up river, a downed tree makes passing difficult for larger boats.

I like to always have a dry bag with me and this one I go from Amazon is perfect and cost less than ones I found at nearby outdoor stores.

I have personally found the 20L to be a perfect size for a short, 1/2 (~2-4 hour) trip.

The river front is sparsely populated. It is important if you are on the river to make sure you have access to a phone or radio that would allow you to contact emergency services.

The New River is the perfect location for a day or half day trip

Overall, fishing on the New River is a great experience – especially if you want peace and quiet!

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