Top 5 Summer Kayaking Clothing and Accessory Essentials from Amazon

For those of you that know a little something about me, I love to kayak. When I was younger I went to summer camp in North Carolina and learned the basics of canoeing and kayaking. This year, my fiancée and I purchased our first set of fishing kayaks (because we also like to fish!). Here are my current top 5 clothing and accessory items that I am wearing on every kayak adventure to beat the coastal heat!

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On one of my all time favorite choices to be outside in the sun is the Columbia PFG Terminal Tackle UPF 50 Long Sleeve Fishing Shirt. It prevents serious sunburn during those long days on the waters.

Available on Amazon here


Affectionately called “Norts,” these shorts are a staple in my outdoor summer wear. While not technically fast dry, the shorts really do dry quickly and help keep you cool in the heat.

Grab them here

#3: SHEFIT Ultimate Sports Bra

If you are having to intensely paddle (or do any other high impact sport), a supportive sports bra is a necessity. One of the best things about the SHEFIT bras is they come in multiple impact levels and are fully adjustable. You can also double these as a bathing suit top for those hot days. I own three of these in both medium and high impact and they are my favorite bra not only for workouts/paddling but for everyday wear as well.

#4 Polarized Sunglasses

These glasses by extremist are great for the water. The low price point makes them extremely affordable but also won’t make you pull your hair out of you accidentally lose them while floating down the river. They come in multiple colors and the neutral shape looks great on most face shapes!

#5: Crocs

Okay so hear me out – Crocs get a bad rep but they are the easiest waterproof shoe. We all know the traditional Croc (found here) that spurred memes but Crocs truly have elevated to new and fun styles. My personal favorite right now is the Two-Strap Slide. They are super comfortable and stay on your feet (or off if you prefer!).

At the time of this post, many color options were on sale! You can find them here

I hope you enjoy my recommendations! If you have any favorites – let me know in the comments below!

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